Friday, November 9, 2012

This is why you own a firearm:

Owning a firearm isn't about hunting, or target shooting, or collecting, although all of those are legitimate reasons to own a firearm.  Owning a firearm and being trained to use it responsibly, effectively, and safely in the protection of yourself, your family, and your community is what it is about.
Anti-firearm zealots tell us that the government protects us from those who will do us harm.  But as shown during hurricanes Andrew, Katrina and now with hurricane Sandy the government isn't around to protect us and those who will do us harm either by stealing the means to survive adverse conditions from the unprotected or by taking lives directly; they are on the prowl sensing opportunities. 
The residents of the devastated area are forced back on their own resources to maintain and protect live and property.   Those with foresight who obtained a firearm and trained with it are now able to protect themselves and their neighbors.
Don't be prey for the wolves in the night if a disaster happens in your community.  The Federal government tells us that we should be prepared to be completely on our own for at least 48 hours after a disaster. 
Choose not to be a victim for those who sense easy pickings.
Photo by Reuters
Green Bay Gazette

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