Friday, August 26, 2016

Tortoise stampede!

Yesterday afternoon I was driving up the lane to Grouch Estates when I noticed a strange procession on the sidewalk:   a large desert tortoise being followed by three people and that tortoise was making good progress up the hill!

I went home and told the Misses so we had to go see if the folks were taking their tortoise for a stroll or just what was up.

Seems that they were outside of their house when the tortoise went by, headed up the sidewalk at a good pace so they followed it.

When we arrived we learned that Animal Control had been called on the errant tortoise but he wanted to be someplace else than where he was and he kept trying to go out into the street.

The Missus turned him a bit to aim him up a driveway but he was pretty heavy for her.  She had to go home to finish cooking the family dinner (no turtle soup fortunately) so I stayed behind to keep turning Mr. Tortoise back up the driveway. 

He finally found his way into the walled front yard and there he stayed.  The folks who were following him stayed behind to flag down Animal Control and I headed home for dinner.

Just another day in our happy little valley!