Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween time!

The Missus and Young Son finished up their tour of duty at the Fright Fest at our local amusement park last month.  The Missus loves dressing up for Halloween and being part of the Fright Fest made the whole month of October even better for her.  Here are some last pictures of her crew and some others too!
Her fright maze won 'scariest maze'  and the ghouls brandishing the trophy shows why that was!
Young Son in his role as the headless man that scared the bejeebiz out of the customers when he would suddenly lunge at them.
The Missus is a sucker for cute monsters even if they want to rip out her throat!
The more sedate group at the fright zone.
Here are the ghouls again!
No ghouls here but who is the Queen of Hearts?
Did I hear her say 'off with his head'?  Gulp!
Young Son's MLP themed Halloween pumpkin.

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  1. It really does look like a Chupa-Kerby! And Mom's costume is great, as always!