Monday, November 5, 2012

Marathon Man 2012

Older Son decided that 2012 was the year that we would compete in a marathon.  He had been running 5 miles or so on a fairly regular basis but once we was committed to the marathon he kicked up his training and started knocking out 10 milers with relative ease.  He signed up for the Santa Clarita marathon and this past weekend he set off on marathon #1 for him!
Older Son at the 10 mile mark.  Looking good, keeping a great pace, and in great spirits!
Headed to the finish line - still looking good and the end was very near. 
Almost there!  The child in the picture was only running a mile so don't think OS is about to be lapped by a 10 year old!
Made it!  The lady in the picture was very happy to be seen next to OS!
Very proud of both my boys!  Young Son is having thoughts of training with his brother and entering as a team next year.



  1. It is so cool my brother finished a marathon! The only thing cooler would be if BOTH brothers did it!!