Monday, August 13, 2018

The squirrel gang

Our lovely back yard is host to all sorts of cute wildlife.  We have a multitude of birds such as finches, California scrub jays, mourning doves, even some east coast robins have visited over the years!  Quail join us too as do rabbits and Disney cute brown ground squirrels.

Recently the Missus planted two Dahlias: a red one and a yellow one.  I had just done my shoulder operation so the Missus and Young Son dug the holes, moved the dirt and gently laid the flowers in place.

They bloomed and thrived and all was right in the world.  Until the Missus noticed that something was biting the buds right off of the Dahlias.  Not only that, the rose bushes were being stripped of their leaves as was the poinsettia!

We first blamed insects.  Of course the hapless insects always get blamed.  I can just see them now, at the insect bar having a brew with the snails and slugs saying 'you hear we're getting blamed for the Dahlia buds?  Again with the buds?  Why I wasn't even in the neighborhood that day...'

Then we noticed a new squirrel in our back yard.  It was thin and shifty looking.  Gray with a long skinny tail.  More menacing than cute.  Then another, and another!  Soon we realized a gang had moved into our back yard.  The gray squirrel gang.

Just seeing them cued music from "West Side Story".  They were either the Sharks or the Jets; I couldn't tell which.  They undoubtedly had a switchblade concealed in their fur somewhere.

The Disney-cute brown squirrels fled.  The Grays ate everything in sight.  We put fencing around the plants and they tunneled under.  I buried the fencing below the ground and they tunneled over 20 feet to reach one of the Dahlias!  I sprayed animal repellent everywhere.  They laughed.  The Missus spread cayenne pepper everywhere.  They shrugged.

I didn't want to do it but I had to do it:  the bird feeders were taken down but we left the finch feeder in place.  Apparently squirrels don't like thistle seed.

The poor birds wondered what happened to their free lunch and left for more lucrative yards.  One morning after several days sans feeders the Grays didn't show up.  Nada.  They had moved on.

About a week later the brown squirrel came back, cautiously, tentatively checking the territory.  He got a sniff of the pepper and shook his head and ran off but he came back the next day to poke around.

These days the Dahlias and rose bushes are thriving and the mourning doves and quail decided they like the thistle seed dropped by the finches.  The rabbits are back to grazing on the grass and the insects are no longer being slandered.   And the Grays?  They've moved on to terrorize someone else's flowers...for now.  

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Update to the update!

Since my last post:

1. House is sold to a nice young couple with two little boys.  They are calling our house their "forever house".  My eyes misted up at this.

2. I visited NC and picked a house that the Missus can accept.  2400 sq ft on a 1.5 acre lot for less than half of what our current house is selling for.  I also got to visit with Oldest Daughter and family.  What a great time!

3. Youngest son found an apartment and moved most of his stuff out today.  Still some stuff left but in the next couple of weeks he will be living 52 miles from us.  I am proud of him but so very sad to see him go.  Our baby!

4. We are having dual home inspections today on both properties!  Hope neither inspection turns up any issues. 

 Such a sad time but also an exciting time.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Home for Sale update

We currently have three offers on Grouch estates!  Our agent is going to call us tonight from his poker game to tell us if offer #3 is the winner.   Stay tuned.

Goodbye "Code Black"

The season finale for "Code Black" was a tear-jerker of the first water.  Both the Missus and I were dabbing our eyes and sniffing as many relationships were healed and the series appeared to be wrapped up and saying goodbye.

We have always enjoyed this show even with the sometimes gross surgical procedures and horrific injuries that the staff of Angels Memorial in Los Angeles contended with every Wednesday night right on our TV screen.

We're happy that the show was able to do a true finale and bring happy closure to the open issues in the lives of the series regulars.

We'll miss you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Home for sale!

Because our home is now for sale I find myself checking Zillow and Redfin several times a day to see how many 'saves' and 'likes' we've achieved.   I'm excited to see the saves and irritated at the three 'X' we've gotten on Redfin.  The nerve of some people!

The number is still going up which is a good thing and so far we've had 4 agents with clients look at it plus a well attended open house.  Now we need an offer and a contract so we can go back to our usual 'casual' living style!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Leaving the nest

The Missus and I traveled with Young Son to Pasadena this evening to look at an apartment that he is interested in renting before we sell and move to NC.

He was excited about the prospect of having his own place and I am excited for him but sad and a bit apprehensive too.  He's not been on his own before and the task of being a single man in the world is something that he will have to grow into. 

The next hurdle will be figuring out how to get his bedroom furnishings plus the couch, table/chairs, and bookcase that we are passing along to him from her to a second floor apartment with only a tiny elevator to hold the stuff.  Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Moving On

The process to sell Grouch Estates and move east has begun.

The de-cluttering whirlwind hit us on Monday and now the house is about 60% empty.  Stuff has been tossed, donated or moved into storage pending the sale.  The house echos now.  Some of the echos are from our 30 years of memories.  No house besides my childhood home holds as many memories as this place.

Today the pictures were taken for the listing while the cleaning crew was here!  It was quite the dance to coordinate the photographer's efforts with the cleaners.

Tomorrow the carpet cleaner show up as well as the sign for the front yard.

Sunday is the open house and when we visit the potential apartment for Young Son to move to.

It is all almost too much at once.  Poor Kerby the best dog in the world can't understand what is happening to her life.  I think the Missus feels the same.

Guess I better find us a house to move to!