Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cruise night

For the second year the Missus and I volunteered for Glendale's cruise night car show.  Our job was to check show registrations, issue swag, and line up the cars to be escorted by the motor officers to their parking spots in the display area.

Of course the Missus charmed all of the men as they stopped for their swag bags!

We had a great time doing the work and then met some friends for dinner and walking the show.

Hope we can do it again next year!

My kind of vehicle!  An old model Bronco with vintage tear drop trailer being towed behind.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Now it can be told...

In a 'now it can be told' moment, let me share with the readers that I got good news last Thursday afternoon, the day before the Missus' birthday.

Back at the end of April my doctor told me that I needed to get a prostate biopsy to check for cancer.  Certain indications led him to be concerned and he felt this procedure was needed.

Being the busy guy that he is, his earliest available time was near the end of June.  So that gave me a couple months to think about the implications of all of this.

The Missus, being the upbeat person that she is, stated that there was nothing to be found because I was fine.  I certainly hoped so but I did think about it.

 I broke the whole thing down into tasks to be accomplished:  biopsy prep the week before (check); do the procedure (check);  wait 10 days for the results to be ready (check); leave work early on the 10th day (check); go home, get the Missus and go to the doc's office (check); wait to speak with him....this way I wasn't brooding and worrying because I had tasks to accomplish in sequence.

It is not a surprise to anyone that anything involving modern medicine is devoid of dignity, especially a procedure such as this.  I had to leave my dignity at the door and just go with it.

It was very painful, embarrassing, and the doc's ultrasound machine broke down but he persevered because neither of us wanted to do this thing all over again.  When it was done I felt like crap and stayed that way for a couple of days but eventually got myself together.

So, on day 10 the Missus and I went to his office to get the pretty much good news.  No cancer was detected but there were some 'irregularities' that would need to be followed up on every 6 months.

That was good enough for me!   I didn't think I had been worried about the news I might receive, but I guess I was.  A friend of mine recently died from prostate cancer.  He was a vital person who went from healthy to dead in about a year.

Once again the Missus was my rock in all of this.  She was kind and considerate to me the day of procedure.  The next day though she told me to get my butt in gear and stop pretending I was sick or something.  She would have made a great first sergeant in the Army!

Happy Birthday to the Missus!

For those not in the know, the Missus has hit a certain milestone in her life with her birthday this past Friday.

For those who don't see me on Facebook, this is the tribute that I wrote about her:

Happy birthday to the love of my life, Mary Kernan. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, an actress, an adventurer, a co-conspirator to ignore stupid rules, and an instigator of fun!
She has made me a better man even though I am still a work in progress. She accepts me in my hobbies and enthusiasms, my political statements and incredibly un-stylish manner of dress.
She is the bravest woman I have ever known (except when it comes to snakes) and the most loving. She is tough when she needs to be and a softy too. She says she doesn't like sentimentality but she secretly does. Her hands are frequently cold but her heart is always warm.
She is resourceful, super intelligent, can drive a stick shift and ride a horse, cut the grass and paint a room, expertly use a firearm, a bow and a fencing foil. She can take care of herself but lets me take care of her..and she is always stylishly dressed and looking her best.
so I will say again Happy Birthday to the person who I knew was special the moment I laid eyes on her.

She, Young Son and Young Daughter and I visited the Reagan museum on her birthday to view the traveling exhibit "The Splendors of the Vatican" and then to dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Thank you dear heart for being who you are and choosing me to be in your life.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Young Son goes the distance: correction!

Stop the presses!  

A couple weeks ago I posted this:  about Young Son's 5K run to carry the Special Olympics torch.

Except it wasn't 5K, it was 5 miles!  Even more impressive.   Nicely done Young Son!

Back on the bike day

For the first time in months I jumped on the old bike for a Saturday peddle.  Young Son had been riding Old Paint to and from school for months until he upgraded to a super spiffy light weight bike and left OP behind to sit in the garage and gather cobwebs.  

For some reason last weekend  I was inspired to dust it off and take it to the shop to get its various ills corrected (which they did at no charge - thanks Performance Cyclery!) and made it ready for a bike ride.  Today was the day. 

The weather was nice this morning, not too hot or windy, and I had no pressing commitments so off I went.

Some grouch(y) biking observations from the ride:

1. Pedestrians are clueless.  I saw a guy starting to step off the curb in front of me.  I rang my bell, a gift many years ago from Young Daughter, that sounds like a door bell from the 1920s: DING-DONG.  He looked at me and kept coming.  I locked up the brakes and then swerved around him.  I don't think he ever diverted from his course.

2. Cyclists wearing spandex are a menace to everyone.  I got passed by the spandex crowd on the bike path who blew through stop signs and red signals, passed me with a millimeter of room (why, to see me flinch?) and generally treated other riders as if they were objects impeding their progress.  Probably sweet souls when off the bike and out of the spandex but a menace to society when spandex clad.  Forget banning AR-15s, ban spandex biking attire!

3. Persons driving cars who encounter bikes are probably wearing spandex.  Doesn't matter if the cyclist has the green light or the right of way, they are coming through you if you don't give way.  There are two types on drivers exhibiting this behavior:  those who lock eyes with you and those who look straight ahead, clutching the wheel with grim determination.  Both are potentially deadly.

4. Dads, stop texting when you are with your kids.   I passed a shady rest grove with benches along the bike path.  A dad and his small son where sitting there on opposite benches, their bikes parked together.  Unfortunately the dad and son were together separately.  The boy was sitting, swinging his legs and looking around, the dad was fascinated by his phone, tapping away on it.   The Missus used to  say that I'm too judgmental (can anyone be acceptably judgmental?  She no longer says that so either I'm not so anymore or she gave up) but being a grouch I'm permitted to assume that he found his phone more interesting than his kid.  Kids are smart and they understand what they see.  Dads, stop texting and pay attention to your kids.  And you too Moms!

5. Cycling is the best exercise next to walking that you can get.  Forget running or jogging, biking is where it's at!   Just watch out for numbers 1 through 3 and don't be a #4.

Lastly, for the Grouch family:  today was the first day in years that I peddled, without stopping mind you, all the way up Garzota without stopping.   Yay me!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Loyal Co-Workers

The Missus works from home now but she doesn't feel isolated at all because of her loyal co-workers.  
The accompany her to the office every day and stay close by throughout the day.

We should all be so lucky to have such loyal co-workers!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Latest desert trip

Visit Bund Trek to see some pretty interesting photos of our weekend desert trip to the Mojave: