Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Grouch head south Part I

As has become a tradition for Mr. and Mrs. Grouch, we joined some friends for a long weekend trip over the recent President's day weekend.  

Our plan was to travel to Indio which would be our base of operations and then from there venture out to see the sights around Palm Springs.

Because we manage to attract drama wherever we go, our trip coincided with the greatest and heaviest rainfall event experienced by the L.A. basin in almost 20 years.  We had plenty of warning that the rain and tropical storm-like winds were coming but we decided to set out anyway.  Young Son was staying behind to keep an eye on things so we knew that Grouch Estates was in good hands.

We managed to stay ahead of the rain pretty much the whole trip.  

We knew that our friends would not be joining us until later that evening so we decided to head to Yuma AZ, an 'easy' two hour drive past Indio.   It would have been easy except Interstate 8 was under construction which added at least another hour to the trip, if not more.  Fortunately we managed to make it to the old Territorial Prison museum in Yuma right on the Colorado river before it closed.

We could see the clouds rolling in and the wind picking up so we knew that we needed to see what was to be seen and get back on the road for Indio.

the Missus contemplates the guard tower at the museum

the prison gate

The Missus felt I looked natural being sent to prison and all

The Missus waves goodbye before she is taken away

Time for her mug shot!

Imagine being in here in the summer with 110F and 90% humidity.  Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

Maybe she will be let out early for good behavior

I think I will pass on getting a hair cut, thanks!

The original prison bell

The Colorado river is right over the wall.  Must have been tempting for inmates to see freedom so close.