Sunday, November 18, 2012

Citizen Grouch Recommends: 3 degrees of James Bond

So last weekend on my much anticipated four day holiday I got stinkin' sick.  I was so sick I missed the annual out to dinner for Veteran's day with the family on Sunday.  But on Monday I honored an earlier promise and accompanied the Missus, Young Daughter, and Young Son to see the latest James Bond flick "Skyfall"

It was a good movie filled with action, scenic sights in the UK, Istanbul, and Albania (all very dangerous places it appears!) Bond babes, not too many gadgets, a casino (seems to be a required locale in many Bond movies)  trains, guns, explosions, chases over the rooftops of Istanbul, the moors of Scotland, and the Bond backstory.  It was a lot of fun but due to my heavy cold and congestion I had to time my nose blowing and phlegmatic coughing for the noisy action scenes and in some cases there was way too much time between those occurrences  for my personal comfort!   Three questions for those who've seen the movie:

1. How deep does the water have to be to survive a drop of that height for James?
2. How long would it take the henchmen to break every window in every high rise on the island if they broke ten windows a day in their boredom while waiting for something to happen?
3. Where did the game keeper live if the only buildings around where the manor, the outbuilding, and the chapel?

Any movie that features a Land Rover defender in a high speed chase and the use of a classic English double rifle in at least .40 caliber with ejectors (the ejected cases looked like cigar holders) is all right in my book.

This Saturday Young Daughter and I were supposed to have some Father-Daughter time in the great outdoors but much to our surprise it rained so we wimped out and went to see a movie.  The movie was "Taken 2" and wouldn't you know it, there was only a couple degrees of separation from it and "Skyfall"!

In "Taken" Liam Neeson is a retired government operative with a remarried ex-wife and willful teen age daughter.  The daughter takes a vacation to Paris with friends and is kidnapped along with other teen girls by Albanian sex trade thugs.  The dad rushes to Paris and rescues the them all with a high body count along the way.  "Taken 2"  has the same cast.  the ex-wife is on the outs with husband #2 and Liam invites her and the daughter to Istanbul (ding!) where he is wrapping up a protection gig for some wealthy clients.  Little does he know that the father of one of the dead thugs has vowed eternal revenge on Liam and takes the opportunity to kidnap the wife (Framke Janssen who played Xenia Onatopp in the James Bond flick "Goldeneye") (ding, ding!) and Liam.   It is up to the daughter now to help rescue both.  It involved gun play, grenades, stolen taxis, chases on the roofs of Istanbul (ding, ding, ding!) and very satisfying revenge.  Old Liam is pretty fit for a guy of his age and there is your three degrees of separation from "Skyfall"

Last night the Grouches rented an indie movie that I had read about but our megaplex refused to show, instead showing the same three movies on 22 screens.

 "Safety Not Guaranteed" is about three people who work at one of those weekly magazines dedicated to a city (Seattle)  that is filled with ads and some articles that usually get thrown on your driveway whether you want it or not.  Desperate for a story a reporter proposes tracking down the person who placed an ad in the personals seeking people to time travel with him.  "Safety not guaranteed" it says in the ad.  The reporter and two interns travel to a beach community in Washington to seek out the person in the ad and see just what kind of a loon he is.  The reporter is a narcissist who yearns for his younger days and is looking for his teen age sweetheart who is in the town.  The female intern is a quiet wallflower whose mother died and whose death has scarred the girl.  the male intern is an Asian Indian brainiac nerd who is building his resume by working at the magazine but has never kissed a girl or had any fun it appears.  They find the would be time traveler and he and the girl intern connect.  The reporter finds his teen sweetheart.  Do they connect?  Does the nerd become a wild and crazy guy?  Is there time travel?  And what is the connection to James Bond?  I'll answer the last question.  This movie has gun play (sort of)  a sports car (well, it is a rusty 20 year old 240Z) a car chase (15 miles an hour) and two possible government agents.  I had a lot of fun with the movie and the budding relationship between the girl and the time traveler was nice to watch.  The scenery was great and the pace slow and measured.  I loved the ending.  Hopefully you will love the movie.

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  1. I might have to see the third one since it sounds good AND has the distinction of being available for rent.