Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shooting visitor

As you may know firearms and everything connected is one of my long-time hobbies.  Firearms enthusiasts live all around the world and via the Internet I had the opportunity to host a very nice fellow from the UK last weekend at my local range.  We met the night before and dragged all of the boomsticks out of their cubbyholes.  His amazed comment was that I owned more firearms than some gun shops in the UK.  And here I thought that I had more firearms than the Bolivian army but I guess since I've sold some recently I've dropped in the ranking of quantity held.
My visitor picked the firearms from my collection that appealed to him and we were off to the range on Saturday!  We met three friends of mine and we proceeded to send massive quantities of copper and lead downrange and shot down numerous orange flying disks with our shotguns.  Needless to say everyone had a fantastic time!
My Brit friend and the Browning 1919A4.  An easy way to go through a lot of ammo very quickly!
At the shotgun range.  Mr Brit is an amazing shotgunner and no clay bird was safe from him.  He professed to have only shot clays once before.  Good thing we didn't have any money riding on who hit the most!
Some of the long arms personally selected by the visitor.  He absolutely loved the AR15, M1 rifle, and M1A. 

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