Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sight Seeing in Indianapolis part 2 - The Colonel Eli LillyCivil War Museum

As I mentioned in the post about President Harrison's house, I was in Indianapolis on business.  Just down the street from the hotel we were staying in I spied an interesting obelisk.  Even though the temperature was in the low 40s and I was dressed for high 50s myself and another SoCal'r walked a couple blocks to the monument.  It turned out to be the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum with an observation platform at the top and a civil war museum in the basement.  We got there just before closing time.  My coworker went up for the view and I went down for the museum.  Unfortunately shortly after I got to the museum it closed and the lady tossed me out.  My coworker said that the view from up top was great!
The statues on the face of the memorial show not only civil war servicemen but also those from other wars.  Highly recommended for history buffs!
The memorial
Very realistic depiction of the Indiana fighting men
Another side of the memorial
The front of the memorial
Very accurate rendition of the soldier with a Spencer carbine, a weapon not often seen in a war memorial


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