Friday, November 9, 2012

Citizen Grouch Recommends: Wreck-it Ralph

Once again due to my work  I received an invitation to visit the Disney studios and see a movie in their wonderful theater.  This time it was 'Wreck-it Ralph' in 3D.  Last Saturday morning, the Missus, Young Son and I traveled to the studios to view their latest production.  The Disney people are very nice and gave Wreck-it Ralph toys to the kids attending.  Unfortunately Young Son was deemed too old at 19 to get a toy.  Being a good sport he didn't throw a temper tantrum.

The Missus and I weren't expecting much beyond a free movie before the show.  It opened with a lovely short subject, a hand drawn feature called 'Paper Man' about an office drone in a 40s looking city who has a chance encounter with a young and sweet girl on the street car and how he searches to see her again.

Next came the main feature which was just great!   The music was catchy and lively, the storyline was funny with various video game characters making cameo appearances, there was the plucky girl who only wanted to be a race car driver, the anti-hero who just wanted to be accepted for what he was, and the female butt-kicking soldier who didn't have the best wedding day and was traumatized by it to say the least. 

We had a great time watching the show and we all left with a tear in our eyes, a smile on our face, and the theme to the Sugar Rush game echoing in our heads.

Four Stars!

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