Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not a day to wish "happy Memorial Day" although some have said so to me this weekend.  They are good people with good intentions but they don't understand the reason for the day.

I had several people tell me "thank you for your service" this weekend; I politely thanked them for their sincere sentiment, but today isn't about veterans, it is about those who served and gave their lives in that service.  

To absent comrades....

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers in my life and especially to the mother of my children, the Missus!

Nethercutt Auto Museum

Several weeks ago Young Son and I took a Saturday drive to Sylmar to see the Nethercutt auto museum.  The museum is free and open to the public and the (mostly) autos are surprisingly accessible to the museum viewers.  Carving your initials in the paint is prohibited but flash photography and craning your neck to get as close a look as possible is encouraged.

A little over a year ago the Grouch family got to attend a Wurlitzer organ recital at the other collection accross the street from the auto collection.  There is an auto collection in that building also.  You can read about our visit that evening here:

My mind and eyes boggled at the sight of so many beautiful and rare automobiles.  Rather than trying to describe each picture, I will present them here with few comments.

Young Son next to a Hudson Hornet (I just love that name!)

Out back of the museum building is the 'Royal Hudson' a steam locomotive all the way from Canada to Sylmar via New York

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