Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sight Seeing in Seattle part 8 - Pike Place Market

Anyone who visits Seattle must visit Pike Place and the shops along the main street.  It is a busy multi level enclosed mall-type area before indoor shopping malls were thought of in that way.  We continued to have beautiful weather during this part of our visit. Everyone we met on our trip were friendly and nice but a warning:  watch out for bicyclists in the downtown area!   Twice I was almost run down by cyclists making right turns on red without stopping or even slowing.  Once the Missus had to yank me back by the arm to avoid a speeding cyclist.  The Seattalites are very proud of the number of cyclists in the city but I feel that the cyclists could use some lessons in the traffic laws and courtesy to pedestrians.
Here are some scenes of the Pike Place experience:

Cruise ships dock nearby and we caught this view of a ship setting out on its cruise.
Beautiful flowers were everywhere!
I have no idea what was with the pigs but there were lots on display.  The day were were visiting a street fair was being set up and pigs were being wheeled in for display.
The pig brigade!
Selling and throwing fish is a big deal here. Like the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace, folks line up early to see the fishmongers toss the fish around.  It is apparently quite the show but we missed it.
The very first Starbucks ever!  They started off selling coffee beans only, then switched to the finished product when they realized a foolish coffee drinker and his/her money are easily parted.  More money in the liquid than in the beans!

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