Friday, March 29, 2013

Trees at Grouch estates

I love trees.  I love them so much I've planted numerous trees at Grouch estates.  We're surrounded by them in fact.  However the tree in the front yard had to go.  It is a liquid amber tree from Mexico and its main attractiveness is that it is drought resistant and has leaves.  However it has these spikey seed pods that drop everywhere and are like walking on ball bearings if you happen to step on them.  Ball bearings with spikes that is.  The roots go everywhere and had already plugged up the drain pipe that flows water from the backyard when we get our every other year one inch an hour rain.  A gardener warned me that our sewer line was going to be the next casualty so the tree had to go.  We replaced it with a flowering pear tree which will probably be a skinny little tree for a long time but at least whoever buys the house from us will have a nice shade tree without spikey balls underfoot.
The liquid amber tree.  Sorry you couldn't stay.
Our new tree.  That is Kerby checking out the action.


  1. Good bye spiky ball tree! It started off very small and got pretty tall. I hope the new tree does as well!

  2. Well that is certainly hard to believe! What a change. I'm sure the new tree will look beautiful there as the years go by.