Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Grouch and the Missus see Cavalia/Odysseo

So, every couple of years a show comes to town and sets up near the Burbank train station.  I see the huge white tents going up over a week or so and the crowds thronging the event.  Then it comes down and it is gone.  The Missus researched it on line and learned that is called Cavalia and has something to do with horses.  Ho-hum is what I thought.  I promised the Missus an anniversary present for our 35th this month and she chose the Cavalia show which fortuitously was in town and ready to be seen so Cavalia it was.

 This year's show is called Odysseo and we went to see it last night.  Let me just say it wasn't ho-hum at all.  It was great, and for this Grouch to say that you know it was great.  It is a combination of Circ-du-soleil with incredibly strong and graceful aerialists, tumblers and dancers, trick riders and precision riding, new age music, riderless trained horses, and a beautiful stage setting that is flooded for the final act.  What isn't there to like?   It was great, it was wonderful, and it was something that should be seen at least once in your life.  Highly recommended!

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