Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Grouch goes to see the Wizard

Once again I received an invitation to travel to the Disney studios in Burbank to preview their latest effort.  This time it was "The Great and Powerful Oz".  The Missus, Young Daughter, and Young Son made the journey with me.  It is a real treat to go to the studios.  We walk from the parking structure to the preview theater past the sound stages with their commemorative plaques that tell the history of the building and movies filmed on them over the decades.  The theater is large and the screen is huge!  We get snacks and a short subject before the main event and a movie in 3-D!

The movie itself was tons of fun and very visually stunning.  The colors are incredible and the scenery breathtaking.  I have always loved the original 'Wizard of Oz' movie (the Missus hates it, go figure) and its annual showing on TV when I was a kid was eagerly awaited by me.  It was one of the few times a year that we kids were allowed to have a soft drink and popcorn and we could have it in the living room while watching TV!  It really didn't get much better than that for this kid.  The new movie was a great way to tell the back story of the wizard and how he came to be in Oz.

I highly recommend the movie; just make sure you see it at a big screen movie theater.  A movie this bright and beautiful deserves it!

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