Monday, April 8, 2013


So, there I was on a Friday afternoon on the Metrolink commuter train, riding home to Grouch estate in the happy little valley.  I was done with work for the week and better yet, oldest Son was riding the same train with me.  We were sitting and chatting and catching up on life.  What could be better than that?   Just to add frosting on the cake, as the train passed the end of the runway at Bob Hope airport what should I see but a B-17G sitting with all four engines turning, waiting its turn to go.  It was beautiful, all olive drab and bright insignias.  An MD-80 was lined up and ready to launch, the B-17 was in the ready position.  The contrast between the  two eras was stunning and the sight of the B-17 at the very airport that B-17s flew from during the Big One gave me chills.

Yesterday the Missus and I were out for a stroll, just a four mile walk.  It was a sunny day and mild, just perfect for a walk. I was with the Missus. What could be better than that?   I heard the distinctive sound of round engines, turned around to see a B-25 fly overhead at only a couple thousand feet!   I love the B-25, the nemesis of the Japanese in the Pacific and the Axis in North Africa and Italy.  To see one still in the air gave me the chills again. 

Living here does have its advantages!

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