Friday, March 8, 2013

Whatever happend to the wedding convoy?

I was at work today when I heard a a car horn honking as it drove by on the road and this made me realize something that I haven't heard nor seen in ages:   a wedding convoy of decorated cars escorting the newly married happy couple from the church to the reception, honking madly and the drivers and passengers waving happily to everyone as they sped by.  These days the wedding guests make their own way to the reception while the couple stays behind at the church (or venue - depending I guess on how secular the couple is) to have endless photos taken and then arrive maybe an hour later.  I think I like the excitement of the decorated cars and the honking and even some tin cans tied to the bumper of the wedding ride - wait a minute, cars don't have bumpers that stuff can be tied to anymore.  Bummer.

More spontaneity, less planning, more celebration, less posing for pictures is the better way for a successful marriage to start!

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