Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Bear 2013 part 5

The Saturday that we were at Big Bear lake a humongous car show was held.  Vehicles were everywhere and they started to arrive Thursday afternoon.  By Saturday morning the cars were positioned all around the village and traffic was crawling.  Fortunately we were staying close enough to the village that it was easy to walk over to see the show.

I enjoy odd ball cars so that is pretty much what I took pictures of.  All of the cars were fabulous!

Looking up the main drag in the village shopping area

I had a Duster like this, same year, but mine was brown and rusty and had a slant six engine and was falling apart around me.  But I do have good memories of it.  I bet this car was never where road salt was used.

For my brother who likes old Corvettes a lot

A classy lady and a cool VW pickup/van

This car actually ran!  I saw it being driven around town
My friend Greg had a Jeep wagon just like this one, except his was green and rusty and not in as good shape but otherwise it was exactly like this one!

I loved mini Coopers ever since I saw the original "The Italian Job" with Michael Caine and his mini Cooper gang

A supercharged Studebaker?  Who knew!

Whatever it is I hope it made it back home again

Love the Corvair, the drive in food tray and the classy lady

But the Pee-Chee covers are the best part!

My Dad had a Nash when I was very young.  I asked him once how long we were going to keep it and he told me until the wheels fell off.  I was afraid that the wheels were going to pop off as we drove along!

Another nice display

About 3 p.m. the cars all drove out of the village and around the lake

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  1. My Duster certainly didn't look like that either! I still have (mostly) fond memories of it though. Great pictures! I think I inherited the love of old cars.