Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Bear 2013 part 6

One of the days at Big Bear was set aside for off-roading with some friends but unfortunately they had to cancel due to work commitments so I was left with no one to go with.  The Missus noticed my down-turned lip and poutey face and said that she would ride with me.  Yay!  Except that she said that we were limited to roads that 6 Nuns in a minivan would feel comfortable driving on.  Boo!   Well anyway it was nice having some companionship for driving on the dusty forest service roads.  A lot of the area we drove through suffered the same fire damage that burned the area around Butler peak.

Some of the trees showed fire damage but are still alive

A view of the road on the other side of the valley that we would soon be driving on

Dusty, bumpy, but fun!

The Missus is telling me to stop taking her picture

Snack time!
The Missus retaliates by taking my picture!

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  1. I was away from your blog for a few days and all of the sudden you have the whole Big Bear trip up! It was like getting the fast forward version.