Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Bear 2013 part 4

When we are at Big Bear lake we like to do the 9.6 mile round trip hike up to Butler Peak and the fire watch building perched on the rocky peak.  The area burned several years ago so the road is closed for vehicles but you can walk up to the peak.  The first year we visited BBL we tried walking to it but took the wrong road and never found it. I later rode my bike up to the look out. We successfully hiked up a couple years ago, and now once again we did it.  It seems to be getting a bit harder on the body now for some reason!  The Missus, Young Daughter; Kerby, Pie, Dottie and Fancy the dogs all made the hike.  

Here we go!

(pictures courtesy of Bundu Trek Ltd.)

Our starting altitude at the trailhead about 6,900 ft.

The dogs were enthusiastic even though it was awfully dry but not too hot (yet).

The ladies took pictures of anything and everything

They even took a picture of me!

Going up!

Break time
Still going up

The area is coming back after the fire of 2010

Up and up!
Our first sight of the destination

Still in sight

The lovely Missus

Getting closer

There it is again!

Within shouting distance!

It is a great view from up there

Made it!  Time for lunch

Young Daughter is happy now that she's had lunch

So is the Missus
Fortunate that the fire look out didn't burn along with the trees that were at its base
About 8,200 ft or about 1,300 ft climb.  Now to go back down!

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