Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Bear 2013 part 3

 Some random pictures from our time in Big Bear city.  We rented a cabin from Cool Cabins and once again we were happy with the outcome.

The Missus in the Mom chair with her fan club at night.

The Missus on the back deck with her fan club in the morning.  They are under the table.
Here they are!
I loved the deck at this place!  The last night we were there I spent an hour back here at night watching the meteor shower.  What a show!  almost a meteor a minute and a couple were very bright and left visible trails behind them like fireworks.  It was cold though, about 48F.  Brrr!
The view from the deck.

The solar observatory at the lake.  Unfortunately it is not open to the public.
The Missus and Kerby at the lake.  We took a 5 mile walk along the lake which was too far for Molly and Roscoe to accompany us.

A beautiful view of Big Bear lake and the nearby mountains.

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