Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Bear 2013 part 7

Our first hike of the visit and shorter than the Butler peak hike is the Pine Knot trail.  The whole dog gang went with us but because of the popularity of the trail and the number of users the dogs had to be on leashes.  We encountered other hikers, a couple of mountain bikers and some horses and riders were somewhere ahead of us but we never caught up to them.

Off we go!  (pictures courtesy of Bundu Trek Ltd)

It was warm and very dry in Big Bear when we were there.  The shade along the way was welcome!

This area which is close to the city of Big Bear Lake didn't burn in the recent forest fire and is nicely covered with trees

Along the trail
How does something like this happen?  The odds of this rock ending up on top of the other rock are so small but here they are!
A nice hiker stopped and took our picture.  Young daugther says I look grumpy but since I'm a grouch it is my normal appearance

The determined hikers!
Snack time at the group camping area along the trail
Our cabin is down there somewhere

the Butler peak fire watch station is that tiny bump on the peak.  We headed over there a day later

This was our turn around point, we headed back down another way and looped back to the starting point, otherwise the trail is straight up and back with no loop and the Missus does not like to cover the same ground twice!
A nice trail, not too steep but with a definite climb in altitude.  Bring lots of water during the summer because you will use it all and wish you had more.

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