Saturday, August 4, 2012

Attention "Fringe" fans!

So, Older Son was having a meal in a small taco shop in Boyle Height the other day with a co-worker when she pointed out an actual TV star sitting right behind them.   Since the whole place was about the size of the Grouch family living room according to OS it was pretty easy to pick out Joshua Jackson who plays Peter on Fringe which I really enjoy watching.  OS  not being the shy type approached Mr. Jackson, introduced himself, asked if he was addressing Joshua Jackson who graciously said that he was indeed him.  OS stated that his co-worker was an enormous fan of his (not in size but in fandom sort of enormous) and requested a picture be taken with Joshua and the co-worker.  He readily agreed to do so and Older Son has the picture to prove it.  OS said that Joshua is a really nice and friendly person and seemed very appreciative of the nice comments from his fans.  It is good to find out that the TV person who seems like a nice guy really is a nice guy.

I can't believe he didn't get an autograph for me!


  1. when are you going to post the picture taken with joshua jackson, please?

  2. Good question Anonymous. I concur! Since I haven't seen the show for a while, I assume that is the son of the older guy? Ah, the perks of living in CA!