Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sight Seeing In Seattle - Part 2 - Back to the future from 1962

Way back when the world still had world's fairs, Seattle decided to host the 1962 World's Fair and made the Space Needle the centerpiece of the fairgrounds.  I was only 8 years old when the fair was underway but I remember the iconic image of the Space Needle from that time.   This year is the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle and in honor of that, the top of the disk was painted the same color as was used 50 years ago.   At the top of the Needle in the observation section souvenirs from the fair featuring the Space Needle were on display. 
In 1964 my family and I attended the New York World's fair and that was an event and an experience I remember to this day.  But, we're talking about the Seattle World's fair and the Space Needle, so here we go!

The best way to get to the Space Needle is on the original monorail that travels about a mile from the station to the needle.  Here is the Grouch expedition on the way to the Needle.
The ultra-modern 50 year old monorail train


The Space Needle!
The glass gardens on the former grounds of the fair

Quite a view from the top!

This reminds me of Sim City
The shadow of the disk.  See some rather large spiders down there?
The Missus enjoys the view

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