Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just dukw(y) in Seattle

So on our recent visit to Seattle we availed ourselves of the duck tour.  The Missus has been on duck tours in Boston (twice)  and in Pittsburgh.   For those not in the know, a duck tour is not visiting web footed birds but rather getting a tour on land and water in a DUKW, a WW2 amphibious truck converted to a tourist barge.  One thing that has puzzled me on the duck tours that I have been on is how so many of these things have managed to survive 60 years to still be driving and floating all over the U.S.   Well the mystery was solved for me on the latest trip when it was revealed that newly made DUKWs  (a military identifier) are in production just for duck tours!
So with all that in mind we paid our money and boarded the newly made DUKW for our tour of Seattle by land and sea.

Young Son enjoys the open water via the DUKW
We transition from land to water via a marina boat launching ramp.  No pesky boats on trailers for us!
The Missus piloting an actual WW2 DUKW in Pittsburgh last year

The Missus makes a trifecta by piloting her third DUKW of her career, this time in Seattle

An original WW2 DUKW from Pittsburgh
A newly made DUKW as used in Seattle
Our wild and crazy skipper who succumbed the to Missus' charms and let her steer the DUKW.  She missed that sailboat by at least 10 feet!
The Space Needle as seen from the DUKW


A ship that appears in "The Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery channel.  Some people on the tour thought that this was pretty cool but I've never seen the show.

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  1. Go Mom! Will she ever drive in a 4th location? Time will tell...