Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sight Seeing In Seattle - Part 1 - We Look At Kilts

The Missus, Young Son and I were touring around downtown Seattle when we came across this establishment.  Given our Irish/Scots roots and the chance to see men in kilts we felt compelled to enter the store. 
The young man working in the store was pleasant and wearing a kilt so we know that he walked the walk or in this case, wore the kilt.  I resisted asking what he was wearing under the kilt.  the Utilikilt is a heavy duty work kilt, seemingly stout enough to resist a .303 ball round or the teeth of a charging lion.   I started to see myself in a Utilikilt and thought that the sight would be too frightening so I backed away from the idea of trying one on.  Young son was braver than I and went for it.  Young Son felt that it was the real him but we had to pass on buying one right now.
A Scotsman once said the kilt is excellent for two things, neither of which I can repeat in this blog.
The home of the Utilitkilt, at least its home in Seattle
It is good to know that this store takes safety very seriously!

Young Son looking manly in his Utilikilt.  I can see that this might be the garment for me hiking in the mountains and the desert.  Nice and cool!  I liked the one on the half manikin in the background.

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