Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Antique yacht day at Bremerton

The Missus, Young Son and I spent the last 6 days in Seattle seeing the sights in and around town. 

One day the Missus and I journeyed to Bremerton, she to visit a friend  who moved to Bremerton and I went to see the U.S.S. Turner Joy.  The Turner Joy was one of two destroyers involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident at the beginning of the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war.  I'll write more about the TJ later. 

When I finished touring the TJ I noticed that there was a gathering of antique yachts in the harbor for visitors to see.  Antique for this group seems to be 1950s or older (that makes me an antique!) and wood hulled.   The boats were beautiful and some of the owners invited me to come on board and take a look around.   Some of the owners rescued their boats from scrapping (or the chain saw as one owner said - they were wood after all).

This is the boat that was fit only for firewood when the current owner took on the project of restoring her.  18 years later here she is!  I got a quick tour of the boat and she was as beautiful inside as out.

The brass work in the cockpit of this boat is incredible!

Another boat saved from a steady decline.  It was used in the 80s TV show "Riptide"

My idea of a cruising boat!

This was originally in Canada and used as a missionary boat.  The present owners live aboard her year-round and the cold and wet winters don't bother them a bit!  She dates from the 20s and is in great shape.

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