Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge and Galloping Gertie

So, to get to Bremerton from Ft. Lewis (another post for another day) we had to use the Tacoma Narrows bridge.  Usually me and bridges don't get along.  Unless I'm in an airplane I just don't like heights and bridges are high!  I used to travel over a bridge in Charleston that pitched up so high to let ships pass under it looked like a roller coaster track!  Fortunately it is gone now, replaced by something more civilized.  I've read that the Mackinac bridge in Michigan is so intimidating that drivers are available to drive your car across while you cover your eyes!  

I wasn't too concerned about the T-N bridge until the Missus reminded me about the previous bridge that spanned the gap, Galloping Gertie.   Yikes!  For those not in the know, peruse this clip:

Fortunately for us the current bridge seems to withstand the elements a lot better than the previous one and we made it across without incident.  I've been on bridges that I can feel bouncing from the traffic, an unsettling thing for this Grouch!

The replacement Tacoma Narrows bridge, a nice civilized ride for the bridgephobic!

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  1. That is very yikes! Crazy. I read further on Wikipedia that the professor survived, but the cocker spaniel did not, because it was too terrified to get out of the car and bit a rescuer, so they had to give up.