Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Niece goes shooting!

Our two delightful nieces from Pennsylvania have been visiting for the last two weeks.  The younger of the two expressed an interest in going shooting which she has never done before.  All I can say is that she asked the right uncle for that!  The night before  we went over the safety aspects of shooting and the rules of the range.  We examined the Chipmunk .22 youth rifle that the other Grouch kids learned to shoot with.  Our niece, being the very intelligent girl that she is, grasped the technology of the rifle and its functioned very quickly. 

 The next morning we were off to the range!  Since it was Monday we had the place almost to ourselves.  We started at the shooting gallery range with the metal targets at a safe distance that make a nice 'ding' each time they are hit.  After some time there she decided that paper target shooting was in order so she could see exactly where the bullets were going so we spent another couple of hours at the pistol and small bore rifle line.  I finally had to call it a day.  After 3+ plus hours I was tired and hungry but she was still going strong!   We stopped on the way home for the traditional donuts after the range and arrived home tired but triumphant.  Another shooter is born!

Getting ready to start.  The shooter examines her rounds before loading her rifle.

What a stance!  You'd think she had done this many times before.  Her third shot hit the target and after that she rarely missed.  Her comment was "once you figure out the sight thingies, shooting is easy!"

The shooting gallery is fun.
Now for the paper targets.  She should be on a rifle team!

Time to try the kneeling position.  She did well.

Marking her target.  She was very methodical and recorded what order she shot each target and what position she used when shooting.

The proud rifle-girl

A pretty good distance from the shooting line to the target.  We started a bit closer and then moved the target further out.   Nice shooting!

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  1. Awesome!!! A memory I'm sure she'll treasure forever.