Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walkin' in L.A. Part 3

After we finished at the Hollywood Bowl we loaded up to drive to Wilshire blvd.  The trip took us through Hollywood (not too surprising since we had been at the Hollywood bowl).  We parked on Wilshire and walked down to the La Brea tar pits (which is the same as saying the the tar tar pits since La Brea is Spanish for 'the tar' or at least close enough), through the grounds and down to another interesting neighborhood, through it the Farmer's Market and the Grove,  then back the way we came to the Harry Potter store, back to the car, back through Hollywood to Universal City Walk for dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company and back home.  Total distance walked for the day: 8 miles.  Not too bad.

The roof of the La Brea nature center has a sign that told us 'no exercising on the roof' so Young Son immediately dropped to knock out 20.

The tableau that brings tears to the eyes of all of the school kids on a field trip to the tar pits.  The poor mama mastodon is stuck tight while the baby cries on the shore and the dad wonders who is going to cook dinner tonight.

The famous 'Grove' shopping mile.  Lots of stores, lots of expensive stuff we can't afford.  Onward!

More interesting architecture.  The neighborhood was very ecclectic in its style of house; neo colonial Spanish next to faux English cottage revival, etc.

I liked the looks of this drinking spot at Universal City Walk

The Grouch at the end of the long day.  Man, I'm tired!

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