Friday, May 25, 2012

Revlon Walk - 2012

Back in the distant past even before the Grouch and the Missus were married but knew each other pretty well we walked in the March of Dimes 10 mile walkathons to raise money for the cause.  This was in Pittsburgh with all of the hills and weather that went along with such things.  One year it rained and we got soaked and cold and tired. But we were young and had each other and didn't mind too much.  At least I didn't mind because I was with the soon-to-be Missus Grouch.  I think she minded being tired, cold, and wet but then she always has been more practical than me.

This past May 12th when I was busy wearing my ACUs and getting promoted, the Missus, Young Daughter, and two family friends journeyed by automobile and subway to the Coliseum  for the Revlon walk/run, a modern day March of Dimes but this time without the hills, the rain, or the cold weather.  Throw in some interesting sights and  a couple of Hollywood celebrities and you have the makings of a fun day!  When we were young and the population was more fit the distance was 10 miles; in these modern times the distance was 5 kilometers (darn these European wanna-be's!) or about 3 miles but still the point was to raise money for breast cancer research.   The Missus and company participated with a team from the Missus' school who were walking to support their Principal who is recovering from breast cancer.

A friend, Young Daughter and the Missus at the subway station on the way to the start of the event. 

At the start.  The Missus said there were so many people there that her team wasn't able to step off for about 45 minutes after the beginning of the event!

An event in L.A. has to have some celebrities.  The guy from the T.V. show 'Glee', Matthew Morrison

Halle Barry - now this is someone I would have walked 5K to see!

St. Vincent De Paul church

The dome of St. Vincent De Paul church

Shrine auditorium

Three miles, almost done!
Some drumming to keep the walkers inspired and moving!
Back to the stadium - they made it!
Young Daughter at the finish line.  Yay!

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