Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eagle Court of Honor 2012

Some may remember that back in October I blogged about Young Son achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.   However, the process isn't complete until the Eagle Court of Honor is convened to swear in the new Eagle.  Usually it is a solo affair but Young Son wished to wait for his friend who was close to getting his Eagle rank also.  Due to an unanticipated glitch in the requirements his friend was delayed for six months.  During that time two other boys were also ready for their court and one of the Moms had a great idea:  do them all at once.   Great idea especially since she knew how the whole thing was supposed to work and we didn't.  I volunteered to come up with the script for the event, another Mom marshaled the food and a Dad handled the programs for the event.   As the script writer I did what seems to be the modus operandi for Hollywood:  I liberally copied from someone else's script, changing it enough to suit our needs.  And like a Hollywood script writer I was getting changes handed to me right up to the start of the event.  But in the end it went well without major stumbles despite the fact that somehow there were two versions of the script in the hands of the presenters!  They improvised and marched on and the night was a success.

Young Son's scout career laid out for all to see.  He tried hard over the years to throw it all away but the Missus know that he will be President someday and need items for his presidential museum and library to display so she saved it all.

The Eagle candidates anticipating what is to come.

Taking the Eagle oath.  When I raised my hand like this as a young man I ended up in the Army.
The parents get into the act.

The Missus pins the Eagle medal to Young Son.

The proud parents and Young Son

The Eagle Scout give the Grouch a hug after presenting the Father's pin.  How did he get so big?

Young Son, Eagle Scout!

The lovely Mrs. Grouch

Young Son giving his speech about his time in the Scouts and his project, making and shipping 229 care packages to a Marine battalion in Afghanistan.  He read a letter from a Marine which brought a tear to the eyes of the audience.

Friends and family of Young Son.  Older Son who was his mentor through the process was at the NATO summit in Chicago and couldn't be at the event

He made it!

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