Sunday, May 13, 2012

Citizen Grouch Recommends...Deon Meyer

A new Grouch discovery:  Deon Meyer, a South African writer of contemporary mysteries staged in South Africa.  I picked his most recent book off of the new book shelf of the library because of its South Africa theme.  The Missus and I visited South Africa in the mid-80s and I have been fascinated with the region ever since.  The Book is "Trackers" and it is a complex and completely engrossing tale that weaves several characters from his previous books into one grand read.   Since finishing it I have backtracked and read earlier books that fill in where the characters came from and why they are in the situations that they exist in, in "Trackers".   I'm reading "Dead Before Dying" now and the book is absolutely impossible to put down.  I have only a couple chapters to go and I can't believe it will ended.   

I rate this author and the books A++++++++++

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