Monday, April 30, 2012

Walkin' in L.A. Part 2

We finished walking through the unique neighborhood next to the Hollywood Bowl, down the hill to the main street and through a park with the nicest restrooms this side of Disneyland (it helps that there is an equally nice L.A. County Sheriff's station in the park - why I have no idea since it is the city of Los Angeles) and on up the street to the Hollywood Bowl.  Sometimes visitors will be lucky enough to visit when a performer is doing rehearsals during the day and the Bowl is open and no charge - we only had workmen to see when we were there.  Lots of construction was going on that day.  The Missus has never let closed gates or keep out signs deter her and we went right in to look around.  We wanted to visit the (free) Hollywood Bowl museum but it seemed to be closed for Good Friday.  After we finished here it was back to the Escape for the next leg of the tour.
The view as we left the really cool neighborhood

The L.A. walkers reading about the history of the Hollywood Bowl.

The view of the Bowl; and this isn't from the cheap seats either!  It sure looks different in the daytime without a crowd.  The Missus and I have seen many great shows here over the years.

Young Son sitting in the very seat that he will occupy this Friday evening when he is here with his date to see Coldplay perform.  Can you find him?   The three guys sitting together are some of the workmen enjoying their lunch break.

The Missus at the stage.

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