Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prom night and an award

Young Son and his friend attended the senior prom at the local high school last Saturday.  They are friends only but if you ask me they are made for each other, however they are young and much of life is in front of them.  It was a beautiful day for a party!

Young Son and friend get the traditional photo in the front yard that has been the location of choice for photographs for 24 years in the Grouch family.  I like his military bearing in this picture.  Stomach in, shoulders back!

The happy couple promenade on the way to the bus to take them to the event.  The promenade  is quite the event in itself with all the parents and friends cheering the party goers. 

A handsome couple!

The paparazzi jostled each other to get the best photos of this couple!

The following Tuesday Young Son was awarded a scholarship of $500 towards college from the Xi Nu Zeta of Beta Sigma Phi sorority.  The proud parents stand with Young Son and his guidance counselor.  We weren't surprised that Y.S. received the scholarship but were a bit bemused at the source of the scholarship but any organization that lists Minnie Pearl as a member is good enough for us.

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