Saturday, May 12, 2012

Catching up with the Grouch's

So, it's been some time since I've done any posting here.  In fact it took me about 6 days from when I first started working on this one to finish it.  Too much going on!  In the interest of catching up on the goings-on in Grouchland, here are some pictures of events over the last couple of months.

After a very dry winter we had a couple monsoon-type rain storms.  The rain came down so hard the pool filled up and the back yard started filling also.  The water was rising and creeping towards the back doors.  Yikes!  Young son and the Grouch went to the local fire station to fill sandbags and bring them home to stack around the two back doors.  Thirty bags weighing about 35 lbs each.  We got a workout!   The rain stopped, the water receded, and two months later we had to dispose of 30 bags of sand.  Groan!

The Missus took this picture recently of a guest who stopped by to use our pool.  Glad he found the water to his liking!

Young Son playing with the jazz ensemble at the local pizza parlor for the monthly jazz night.  This time it happened on my birthday!  I couldn't ask for a better present.
Pizza and friends, what more could I ask for on my birthday?
The birthday celebration moved to Grouch estates for two nice ice cream cakes.  Yum!

Young Kerby taking her leisure on the couch.

The Missus with her prize-winning quilt at the local quilt guild show that she helped set up in April

The Grouch tries out his ultra nice, ultra high end 1.75 gallon watering can that he received from little Ladybug for his birthday.  what a perfect gift!  Too bad the aim was off and the plant was missed completely!


  1. We loved all the pictures and little Ladybug insisted on viewing them all several times! Thanks for the updates!

  2. What a great bunch of pictures! I didn't know the Mrs. Grouch won a prize. I will have to question her about it. I enjoyed your satisfied expression while using the watering can. That and Dottie "photobombing" your birthday picture. Happy Birthday one more time!