Sunday, April 26, 2015

Electric crunchy granola car part 2

I picked up the electric roller skate today (since it is silver and about the size of a roller skate I think that is what I will call it); the Missus dropped me off in her hybrid Escape.  I was able to feel morally superior because I now have an EV and she only has a hybrid.  Just joking honey.

Anyway, as the very nice salesman handed over the keys and the like he casually informed me that the state of California is going to send me a rebate for $2,500 for leasing the roller skate.  You must be kidding!  With the rebate and fuel savings this thing is going to be almost (almost being the key word here) free to operate.  Thank you fellow California taxpayers for the money!

So, somehow this arch conservative has become not only an inadvertent greenie what with my use of the commuter train for commuting and an EV for driving around town, I am also an even bigger leech on society since my modes of transportation are subsidized by the government.

How did this happen?

Stay tuned for further adventures of the roller skate! 

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  1. I should get $ for saving gas by riding a motorcycle... I still haven't gotten a ride in the rollerskate yet.