Sunday, April 5, 2015

The best deal on the planet: your local library!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a voracious reader.  I consume books, newspapers, magazines...anything that has the printed word on it.  I read while I eat breakfast and lunch (the Missus won't let me read at dinner).  I read on the train.  I read while shaving, brushing my teeth, using the....well, you get the idea.

To satisfy my reading appetite the Missus and I belong to both our city and county libraries.  We get traditional books, e-books, and DVDs.  All for free!  Well we do pay taxes to the city and county but we'd pay taxes anyway so we'll call this free.

On my last visit to the city library I picked five books off the new book shelf in less than ten minutes.  Except for one, I had not heard of the rest and didn't go looking for them.  I found a book about the end of the war air campaign in WW2 to drop food to the starving population of the Netherlands.  Another book is about an obscure naval hero of the Civil war.  A third chronicles the exploits of the amateur soldiers who won the Revolutionary war for our country.  A fourth is the story of Crystal city, the family internment camp in Texas during WW2 where resident aliens and U.S. citizens of Japanese, German, and Italian ancestry were involuntarily interred from 1942 until 1948.  The final book and only one I had heard of recently is a contemporary retelling of the assassination of Julius Ceasar.  

Each is fascinating and they are giving me insight to history that I wasn't aware of and people long dead who all had their own significant story to tell.

Check out your local library.  You may find something as interesting as I did.

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