Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grouch and Son visit Sin City

The tradition with the Grouch family is that when a Grouch youngster turns 21 they get a weekend in Las Vegas with a Grouch parent.  Usually the Missus does this because:  1. She knows how to party; 2. She likes to stay up really late at night; 3. She loves Las Vegas.  For Young Son I was tapped to be the escort for his foray to sin city.

Our trip almost started off snake-bit when we suffered the double whammy of the CiC visiting his favorite ATM aka Los Angeles and a jack-knifed semi which completely closed the freeway to Bob Hope Airport.  I didn't think we'd make our flight because all of the freeways were practically grid-locked but with some fancy driving and using back roads, we got around the overturned semi and to the airport in time for our flight.

We walked 10 miles a day both days in LV seeing the sights.  Young Son rode the roller coaster above New York New York, got dragooned into the show at the "Mystere" show at Treasure Island, lost money at black jack and got embarrassed by his dad, ate lots, saw lots, and seemed to have a really fun time!

The support aircraft for the Prez's visit to L.A. departed from Bob Hope airport to join his entourage for the flight from LAX back to DC.  It was a pretty impressive scene, seeing Marine 1 and 2 as well as three Ospreys taking off and heading west.

Young Son getting ready for a day's worth of sight-seeing

Las Vegas' reply to the London eye as seen from our off the strip motel.

I found this museum the most interesting part of the trip.  Worth a visit!

Citizen Grouch displaying the atomic pot holder glove that he purchased for a reasonable price for the Missus

Young Son with Robby the robot from 'Forbidden Planet' and 'Lost in Space'
Anyone who knows me, knows my love for season one of "Lost in Space"
Atomic pop artifacts from my youth
I have a tin of crackers just like these!

Young Son with a replica of a nuclear device like the one Slim Pickens rode in "Dr. Strangelove"

That is a diet Pepsi bottle in my hand

Young Son displays his Irish roots at Nine Fine Irishmen and enjoys some hard cider too.
This guy got Young Son into the show at the Mystere performance.  He was a much better sport about it than I would have been!

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