Sunday, April 19, 2015

Visiting Santa Barbara

A couple of years ago the Grouch children pooled their funds and bought us a gift card to the Canary hotel in Santa Barbara for our 35th anniversary.   Not being the type to rush into things we waited two years before using their thoughtful gift.  Two weekends ago we made the drive from our happy valley up the coast to sunny Santa Barbara.

As mentioned we stayed at the Canary hotel, a small boutique place one block off of State street which is the shopping and tourist street in SB.  We are an easy two mile walk to the beach and with everything being so close we didn't touch our vehicle for the two days we were there.

Our room with the canopy bed and view of the ocean (if you ignored the parking structure in the way).  Great room, very quiet and comfortable but you had to pay $12.95 for internet access!  Needless to say we didn't access the internet while in our room.

The rooftop pool 

The rooftop fireplace with a great view of all of the scenery!

An interesting house we spotted walking to the beach

Once again I have put the Missus in the path of potential disaster - but then living in Southern California is like living in an Irwin Allen movie seven days a week

The harbor from the Maritime museum - I can't pass up a museum!

The pump house door hit from the Japanese sub shelling of Santa Barbara at the beginning of WW2.  

A lighthouse fresnel lense

One of a group of 18th century cannons found on a local beach after a big storm

I didn't know Sambo's was still in business!  We can add this to the first Starbuck's that we visited in Seattle

The Missus patiently waiting for her lunch of diet Coke, bacon, and an English muffin at Sambo's

On the boardwalk

Wearing the T-shirt that I got through the Reddit T-shirt exchange.  This one came from Sweden and I sent two to Denmark.

Seen on State Street!

The Missus reads over Ben Franklin's shoulder

We had dinner here  - Bratwurst, Bavarian pretzels and diet Pepsi - no beer for us!  Older Son would like this place given its beer selection

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! That little car reminds me of a miniature Weiner mobile. Probably not the imagery he was hoping to provoke.