Thursday, May 14, 2015

Goodbye old paint

I feel like the old cowboy who must say goodbye to his faithful steed.  Yesterday I sold my Dodge Stratus.  It had been a faithful companion for the last four years but with the new electric roller skate I no longer needed the Stratus.

I placed a 'for-sale' ad on Craig's list and sat back to wait for the calls to flood in.  After all, it was low miles, beautiful condition and priced at only $4,800.  I only got one call, from a local car dealer seeking to entice me to trade it on a new car.

Young Daughter who is a Craig's List Jedi warned me that it was overpriced for CL by $1,800.  'Everyone is cheap on Craig's List' were her words of wisdom.  I cut the price to $4,000.  No bites.

I reduced the price to $3,900 and the calls started coming in, including one from a young boy who was asking questions on behalf of his father who I could hear mumbling in the background.  When I turned down his offer of $2,000 he hung up without saying goodbye.

Two guys wanted the car but one of them got to it before the other.  The buyer was a retired Marine NCO who needed the car for his long daily commute.   We hit it off right away (even though he was a Marine and me being Army) and I cut the price some more for him.  I think he would've paid my asking price but I cut it anyway.  He and his wife were so happy that they got the car that they hugged each other!  Made me feel darned good.

So goodbye old paint, you were a steady steed for four years.  Take care of Gunny and be as good to him as you were to me.

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  1. How nice that you cut the price for him! Good for you!