Sunday, April 26, 2015

Citizen Grouch goes double crunchy granola enviro greeny!

So, my job requires me to keep a car at work to get around town.  I started off with a 15 year old Lincoln Town Car that looked like someone had been shot in it and bled out.  The inside was icky enough that my boss didn't want to ride in it with me and he visibly cringed when he sat in it.  Besides that it was a money pit and even though it was given to me, it just wasn't working out for me.

I upgraded to a '05 white Dodge Stratus, a government (or G-ride in govspeak) car retired and auctioned off.  I bought it from a chap in my happy valley who professed to have bought it for his son, only to have it rejected because it wasn't sporty enough.  I've had it for about three years but now it has developed some problems that will require some money to be spent to correct them.  I only put about 6k miles a year on it since it sits a lot waiting for me at work.

This past weekend I read on one of my fleet newsletters that GM is offering its Chevy Spark EV at amazingly low lease rates for 39 months.  I've never leased a car before and usually drive a vehicle for 10+ years so leasing doesn't work for me but this time, this news caught my attention, so I went to two Chevy dealers before I found one for lease.

The dealer went one better than corporate Chevy and leased me a Spark EV at a rate lower than GM and one with the 20 minute fast charge provision to boot!  They must have liked me or something.

The electric car should need no maintenance for the 39 months that I will be responsible for it and no fuel either.  Just a couple of bucks each time it needs charged up.  Seems like it will be pretty much trouble free.

So starting Monday I will have an electric car to get around town.  Fortunately I have a charge station available nearby.  It will be interesting to see what kind of driving range it actually has.

Stay tuned!

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