Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Missus' new kitchen part deux

So, we've been in the torn out kitchen waiting for the contractor to put it all back together again stage for about a week now.  It is sort of like camping, except without the dirt, bugs, and uncomfortable sleeping bags.
The Missus was hoping we'd eat out every night but our waistlines and wallet couldn't handle that plan.  We're doing the dishes outside in this tub.  The green thing is our rinsing device.   Young son is getting the privilege of drying while I wash.
Our kitchen sans cabinets and everything else.  How do you like our trendy micro cooking area?   When the dishwasher was pulled out it was discovered to have been leaking for some time. It is only about 4 years old, too new to need replacement.  A gasket had failed and an Internet search found a place in Fresno that shipped it to us the next day.  Gasket installed and hopefully the leak fixed.
Our eating area plus the family room filled with overflow storage of stuff from the kitchen.  Not much room left for us.
No room in the dining room either!  Who knew we had so much stuff in our kitchen cabinets?
The cabinets waiting to find a new home a couple of rooms away.  Since this picture was taken on Sunday many of the cabinets have found their way to the kitchen.  Progress!

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  1. I like the flowers next to the microwave. Very trendy!