Monday, February 17, 2014

Hollywood visits Grouchland

A couple streets down the hill from Grouch acres are two pretty good size homes for sale, both next to each other.  House #1 had a 'for sale' sign, then an 'in escrow' sign, then no sign at all.  We figured it was sold.  House #2 has a 'for sale' sign so it is still for sale.  A couple weeks ago on our nightly walk past the two houses we saw activity at house #1.  New carpeting was going it, painting was underway in all of the rooms, and activity was in every room.  The guys working on the house had a big box truck from a studio rental company but I thought that someone was using the truck after hours while working on the house.   Next we noticed activity at house #2.  Was it sold also but the sign wasn't yet removed?  Another day we spied an Audi R8 Spyder parked in the driveway of house #2.  I thought the car was a bit upscale for our neighborhood.  In time both houses were fully painted, carpeted, outfitted with furniture, artwork, knickknacks, possessions, lights, cameras....wait a minute!   The houses were being used to shoot a movie or TV show.

The Missus saw that the pool in the back of one of the houses was completely surrounded by screens.  The master bedroom of #1 had a black screen over the entire window.  Was this to prevent someone from seeing in?  We conjectured as to what was being shot there.  I guessed at a reality show with the contestants living in the two houses and competing with each other is some manner.  Then we speculated that maybe something of a more, ahem, 'mature' nature was being filmed.

Tonight on the walk we asked the security guard who was in front of house #1 what was going on.  Unfortunately English was not his first language but he was able to tell us that it was being shot by TNT and that house #2 is used for support for the filming in house #1.   Hopefully the next time was walk by another guard will be on duty and will be able to tell us the title of the upcoming movie.

All of this reminds me of the episode of "Dukes of Hazzard" that was on in the lunch room at work the other day.  The show was supposed to be taking place someplace in the southeast but the scenes were all the area around here.  Some of it was at the Disney ranch on Placerita Canyon road.  Another scene was on a country road not too far from Grouch Estates.  It is fun to see where we live show up in TV 'Firefly' for instance.  Most of it was shot around these parts.

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