Saturday, February 22, 2014

Attention Lowe's Shoppers....

So the other day we bought a gas range for Young Daughter's new house.  We went to the local Lowe's because the people are nice there and that is where we bought our gas range after the great turkey episode two years ago.  They give a military discount which I am more that happy to request each visit (10% off and a 'thanks for your service', how can you not like that!).  On the range buying visit the sales lady told us that they price match on appliances and proceeded to find the same range on sale at Sears for about $50 less which we got taken off the cost of the range.  Then we got the military discount.  And a $30 Lowe's gift card!  Soon they were going to be paying us to take the darn thing away!

Just in case anyone thinks that the experience with the avalanche of price discounts was a fluke, tonight we visited them again to purchase a microwave oven to install over our range in the kitchen remodel that is underway.  I asked the chatty and very well informed young lady if they still do the price matching.  I could almost see her thinking ' did they know about that?' but she owned up to it and did an on-line search and found the model we were interested in on sale at Best Buy.  Score!  So, $20 off of the price and another $17.90 for the military discount.

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Shop at Lowe's, they are nice folks and love to give you a discount!

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