Monday, March 10, 2014

Mr and Mrs Grouch visit Older Son in DC - part I

The Missus and I were invited to visit Older Son and his Lady Friend at their home outside of Washington D.C. this past weekend.  The weather at Grouch Estates was wild, wet, and windy when we left on Saturday.  We were in the middle of about the only rain that we have experienced all season and it seemed to be all coming at once. 
We fought our way through the rain to the airport, on to the plane and six hours or so later we arrived at Dulles airport to be met by Older Son and his special friend.  We were warned that the weather was going to turn to rain and then snow. Yikes!  We decided we better do some sightseeing as soon as possible.
Sunday after church we headed off to nearby Alexandria Va. for sightseeing in what turned out to be a somewhat soggy afternoon but we had fun anyway!

Mr. and Mrs. Grouch were ready for the rain and the cold.  After all we were born in a place that has weather like this all the time!
An interesting colonial era building that of course houses a Starbucks shop.  There is probably a Starbucks already on the moon.  Note that the building was owned by John Fitzgerald.  Any connection to JFK I wonder?

John Fitzgerald's pride and joy, now a Starbucks.  From the street it looks like the building is leaning towards the waterfront behind it.  I guess after a couple hundred years a bit of leaning is allowed.
The Missus outside of the building known as the Torpedo Factory that in fact used to be a torpedo factory!  Now it is a three level haven for artists and their studios.  There is some great art going on in there.  The markings behind the Missus seem to indicate that the street is higher than it used to be and that flooding is certainly possible.
Here's proof that torpedoes used to be built here.
The Missus being good and posing where I asked her to.
Another historical site
A fountain from a cannon!  Not your usual historical sight.
He gave his all for his honor
The Missus was done in by the trip.  More to follow!

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