Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday hike

Folks are always telling to me to go take a hike (although I don't think it is meant in a nice way) so I decided to take a Super Bowl Sunday hike.  The weather was windy and cool, perfect for a sometimes-strenuous walk in the nearby hills.  The Missus declined to go so off I went by myself.
This is a hike that I've blogged about before so if it looks familiar, congratulations, you are a long-time reader of Citizen Grouch!  The hike is a 5 mile loop with a one mile round trip from the parking area to the trail. Most of the walk is on old oil field access roads although some is on skinny, steep trails.  I finished the walk with an average speed of about 2.5 MPH which isn't too bad considering how steep some of the trail was.  
This strange fruit or vegetable was growing wild along the trail.  The animals seemed to enjoy it, there was evidence of half eaten bits everywhere.
Easy walking!
Looking back up the road from where I had come down from the ridge.
Lunch spot!  Right there on the that very log.
Scenic sights along the way
Getting steep!
Love that rugged western look
Now it is getting really steep!
Evidence of the prior oil field era.  Crude oil that leaked out of a pipe over the years and solidified when exposed to the open air.
An oil field artifact


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  1. Too bad I wasn't with you, although last time the steep areas proved too much for my knees!