Friday, December 6, 2013

It's done!

I had my final class Thursday for my Organizational Leadership Master's program and as long as my capstone project isn't found to be lacking I will have earned my master's degree.  Yay!   I will miss the others in my cohort, they are great folks and we have gotten to know each other over the past year. 

It seemed so abrupt. We did our presentations, said goodbye to the teacher and to each other and that was it.  A year was finished and we move on with our separate lives.  I guess I am lucky to have known all of them for the year that we spent together.

Now, no more homework start on Sunday afternoon and cumulating Wednesday evening.  I didn't think I could be nostalgic for the work and the classes but at least for right now, I am.


  1. Congratulations Dad! I can't wait to hear what grade you get on the Capstone!

  2. Wonderful news! Congratulations!!! Maybe I can read your capstone project?