Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas lights 2013

We set out Christmas eve after mass and our traditional dinner at Pizza Hut to see the amazing and fantastic neighborhood light display at Wakefield Court in our happy little valley.  True to the ingrained car culture of SoCal, folks were waiting 45 minutes or more in line to drive through the court to view the lights.  The Grouch's are from out of town originally so we knew that it is possible to park the car, get out, and actually walk half a mile to the lights! Imagine that!

The pictures cannot convey the overwhelming spectacle of the multicolored lights that made everything glow with pastel colors.  It was incredible to experience and even more incredibly, this neighborhood got second place in the neighborhood display contest run by our local paper!  What could first place have looked like!

When I saw the lights I envisioned the scene from Christmas Vacation when Griswold plugs in his outdoor Christmas light display; we see the nuclear power plant go to overload and a rolling blackout hit Griswold's city.  I think Southern California Edison had to lay a separate power line just for this neighborhood display!

The Grouch's walking to see the show.  A passenger asked us on the way back how long of a wait they had.  The Missus suggested that they park the car and walk but the young woman wasn't able process the concept and rolled up her window instead.

At the start...

This isn't nearly as bright as it was in person

Young Daughter lets loose with a Santa belly laugh

Walking was the only way to go!

A traditional display - good for them!

I have no idea what the guy on the tractor has to do with Christmas but it was impressive!

The Grouch family and the Christmas turtle

Mistletoe handily placed for a quick smooch!  Missy wants to know why the old people are being silly.

A gingerbread house
One of two grumpy houses in the plan.  There's a party pooper in every crowd.

Young Son and R2D2

The weather was unseasonably warm but this young lady was taking it a bit far!

Another gingerbread house with full size carousel

The before mentioned carousel 

Missy is peeking out to see the lights

There she is!

Imagine these lights to the power of 10 - that's what this street is like!

The Grouch looking typically disreputable.

It was a grand time out and a great way to spend Christmas eve.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day.

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