Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day Hike

After the presents are opened, the scrambled eggs and bacon cooked and eaten, and the resting completed, it is time for our annual Christmas day hike!  Our traditional venue for the hike is Apocalypse Road which is what we call an abandoned stretch of road in the national forest that was partially washed out in the floods and rain of 2005.  It looks like life after civilization has collapsed.  We are on the look-out for imaginary bandits and road warriors when we take our hike.

The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for our walk!

Off we go!

Missy loves the outdoors

The only thing better in Missy's estimation would be if she was free to walk the road herself

The dogs like the road too

The Missus trying some off-roading with the invincible stroller
The Missus looking glamorous, even after the collapse of civilization

Young Daughter's family

Missy telling us how things are

In the springtime this section can be mostly underwater but no worries now

Two beautiful dogs waiting for the Missus

Almost back to civilization!

We made it!

The Christmas hike is a perfect way to build an appetite for the Turkey dinner that the Missus had cooking while we walked.  Another great Christmas day for the Grouch family. 

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